Learn more about Santería, Palo, Kongo, Spiritism, Ifa, VooDoo,Yoruba, Orishas, Eggúns, botanicas, animal sacrifice, and the constantly changing face of religious faith. What these sites have in common is that they all link to this site.

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If you're a student looking for information, check these links AND your local library.

Mucho en español sobre la Santería

Religious Tolerance: Santería, la regla lucumi, lucumi and macumba
An excellent source for information on many religions.

Ethnomusicology Online

They may not like the video, but you can learn a lot from this review, and there's a great bibliography.

Cuba and Cuban Exiles: Internet Resources, Richter Library,
University of Miami

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Migration and Ethnic Relations

Worldwide Photography Sites

Spirit: Chicana Lesbian Homepage

Altar of my Soul

Andanzas al Web Latino, New Mexico State University





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