As he works with his congregation, Juan Eduardo Núñez is frequently possessed by an egún, or spirit of the dead, named Miguel. Whereas Eduardo himself is a mild-mannered, polite person, Miguel can often be wittily obscene and more than a little outrageous.

The following parable, which does not appear in the video, is one of the many that we recorded during production. In this instance, Miguel was speaking to two female congregants, one of whom was seeking marital advice.

nce the devil appeared to a man who had lost faith. He had had everything, but lost it all. In a moment of desperation, the desperation that one has when one loses everything overnight for no apparent reason,
he shouted, "Satan!"

At that moment Satan came and said, "Did you call me?"

The man was frightened and said, "No, no!"

Satan replied, "Yes! You invoked my name. Tell me what you want. I am here to help you."

And the man said, "Good. If you are really Satan, I want you to end all my misery and pain, to cure my diseases and those of my children."

Satan extended his hand and said, "Look. I can give you all that you ask for and more"

And the man said, "What do I have to do?"

Satan replied, "You have to sign an agreement with me, and everything will be yours. It is a ten-year agreement that you will have to honor. If you do not honor it, I will come back for your soul."

The man said, "Yes, yes, as you please." And he signed the agreement.

The man prospered. He became wealthy and highly respected. No one in his family ever got sick again. But he forgot the agreement. After ten
years he heard someone knocking at his door.

When he opened it, Satan said to him, "Good evening."

And the man screamed, "You're back!"

Satan replied, "Yes, ten years have passed and you haven't honored our agreement. I will be back for your soul tomorrow night at eleven."

"No, no, no, no!" said the man.

Satan said, "Remember, tomorrow at eleven o'clock."

The man wept sadly, crestfallen. His wife saw him crying and asked,
"What's wrong, my husband? Why are you crying?"

The husband responded, "Do you see how healthy our children are? Do you see all our prosperity? It is because I made an agreement with Satan, an agreement which I have not honored. Because of that, he is coming tomorrow night at eleven for my soul."

And she said to him, "When Satan comes for your soul I want to speak with him. I will introduce myself to him. Relax, my husband. Don't cry."

The next night Satan came at eleven o'clock. He knocked and the woman
opened the door: "Come in, Satan."

And he said to her, "What is it you want with me?"

"Well," she said, "I have learned that my husband signed an agreement with you and didn't fulfill it, and you have come here to take his soul. So, I have a puzzle for you. If you can solve it, you will have my husband's soul -- and mine as well. But if not, you cannot have either of our souls, and we will keep all of our riches."

Satan thought long and hard about the woman's proposal. Finally, he said to her, "That's good! Two for one. I accept! What do I have to do?"

She said, "Straighten this pubic hair."

To this day, with an iron and an ironing board, Satan is still trying to straighten that pubic hair.

his story is important because it shows that women are stronger than men. When women pretend to be weak, it is at that moment when they are the strongest. You can see in this story that it was the woman, not the man, who defeated Satan. If you look carefully in paintings, you can see a woman mounted on a lion with a whip in her hand. Women are strong. Women have six senses, men five. If a woman weeps she wins. If a woman screams she wins. If a woman complains she wins. Women are stronger than men. Always keep this in mind.